Road construction machinery

“Becema” machine building works is one of the largest producers of road-building machines in Russia. Our company supplies a wide range of various machines for the road construction industry, including bitumen sprayers of 8-12 m3 capacity, thermos bunkers of 2,7-3,8 m3 capacity, crushed stone spreaders, road patchers and machines for filling roadsides. The quality management system for production of road-building machines corresponds to the requirements of the international TUV standard and GOST R ISO 9001.

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BCM-73 road widener BCM-73 road widener
BCM-186 asphalt thermo container BCM-186 asphalt thermo container
BCM-70 aggregate spreade BCM-70 aggregate spreade
BCM-257 mobile set of equipment for pothole patching mounted on KAMAZ 43253 chassis BCM-257 mobile set of equipment for pothole patching mounted on KAMAZ 43253 chassis
Bitumen and bitumen emulsion vessel BCM-222 Bitumen and bitumen emulsion vessel BCM-222
SP-010 snow blower SP-010 snow blower
Windrow elevator Windrow elevator
Компактная подметально-вакуумная машина БЦМ 450 BCM-450 compact sweeper truck
BCM-272 towed windrow formation machine BCM-272 towed windrow formation machine
BCM-24.3 set of equipment for spray-injection pothole patching BCM-24.3 set of equipment for spray-injection pothole patching
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Selling road-building machines

A complete production cycle from developments to tests in the testing center is concentrated in one company which enables us to have a full control of the product quality. “Becema”- produced machines are successfully used in different Russian regions including those with severe climatic conditions.

Bitumen sprayers

So far as the core business of the company is the production of semi-trailers, our model range includes BCM-07 bitumen semi-trailer with a diesel volume hydraulic drive. We offer a binder distributor or bitumen distributing tipper on KAMAZ-6520, Volvo or FM chasses with 6х4 wheelbase for transporting hot and cold liquid bitumen materials. The capacity of BCM-65 and BCM-65.5 tank is 8m3 and it yields insignificantly to the capacity of a semi-trailer (12 m3). Discharge is carried out by a bitumen pump. According to a customer’s choice road-building machines can be supplied with extended kitting.

Thermos bunkers

We supply thermos bunkers on MAZ, ZIL, URAL chasses. In our range of machine building machines for temporary storage and transportation of hot asphalt and concrete mixes there are three models with a different capacity of the mixing vessel such as BCM-186 (3.8 m3), BCM-186.1 (3.9 m3), BCM-186.3 (2.7 m3). The maintaining of constant temperature without oxidation of hot asphalt due to the contact with the air makes it possible to optimize technological process and upgrade quality. The companies having BCM road construction machines in their vehicle fleet can extend their work season and to decrease labor input and waste of materials due to cooling-down of asphalt and concrete mixes.

Other road-building equipment

We offer equipment for a complete cycle of road construction operations including a vessel for transportation and storage of bitumen and bitumen emulsion BCM-222, a machine for filling roadsides BCM-73 with a bunker capacity of 2 m3, crushed stone distributor BCM-70 with discrete regulation of spreading width (max. width – 3 m). Road patcher BCM-24.3, a new road construction machine in the Russian market, takes a special place in our product range.

Accompanying service

Beside the supply of road-building machines to the biggest companies of the road construction industry we also provide a variety of additional service:

  • Improvement of machines with due requirements of a customer and specific climatic conditions,
  • ·         Technical support;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

If your road-building machines require service, you can download an application form in the service and warranty department on our site.

To buy road-building machines

If you want to get more detailed information on technical characteristics and order a road-building machine call us by telephone: +7 (495) 777-02-27.