Equipment for hydraulic fracturing

"Becema" is a manufacturer of the equipment for hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas formations (fracking).
BCM-104 fracturing gel tank BCM-104 fracturing gel tank
BCM-125 dump truck for proppant transportation BCM-125 dump truck for proppant transportation
BCM-137 portable cement storage BCM-137 portable cement storage
BCM-300 manifold truck BCM-300 manifold truck
Chemical additive unit Chemical additive unit
SKU-10 mobile data acquisition and control center SKU-10 mobile data acquisition and control center
Shipboard air-mobile facility for hydraulic fracturing. Shipboard air-mobile facility for hydraulic fracturing.
US-2250 fracturing pump uni US-2250 fracturing pump uni
US–10 fracturing blender US–10 fracturing blender
Hydration unit Hydration unit

Currently coil tubing equipment is not manufactured in the Russian Federation. The Russian market of coil tubing services offers foreign equipment of previous generation with hydraulic injectors, which can not provide high speed and efficiency of  coil tubing operations in horizontal wells with considerable vertical deviation.



The advantages of next generation coil tubing:


·         Frequency-controlled AC injector with pull capacity up to 90 t;

·         Up to 7150 m with coil tubing of 67mm; lateral reach is 50% more as compared to a standard piping of 51 mm.


·         PLC (programmable logic controller)-based control system;

·         Higher sensitivity and shorter response time of injector head;

·         Measuring and control of milling and drilling parameters in the well and on the surface;

·         Automatic milling and drilling technologies, at ultra-low speed as well;

·         Engine shut-downs are reduced and avoided;

·         More gradual build-up rate with more control precision;

·         High flow rate in annulus due to powerful pumps;

·         The modular design allows quick installation/de-installation, rig is unnecessary;


·         Bottom hole motor shutdowns are reduced;

·         Pipe fatigue is minimized;

·         The risk of drill pipe sticking is minimized;

·         The risk of flow decline and sand-up is minimized;

·         The overall number of tripping is reduced;

·         A crane is not required: overhead loads are minimized;


Expertise of ZAO "Becema"

·         85 years of experience in machine-building industry;

·         up-to-date equipment;

·         complete production cycle of design and manufacture;

·         accreditation and test centers;

·         considerable experience in design, development (including software) and manufacturing of oilfield service equipment;

The development concept of hydraulic fracturing fleet - sea version:

·         Hydraulic fracturing equipment layout considering existing and upcoming Russian ice-rated supply vessels.

·         Adaptation of hydraulic fracturing equipment for shipping to offshore drilling platforms and hard-to-reach offshore fields by helicopters.

·         The possibility of overboard sea water utilization for preparation of fracking fluids