About us

"Becema" machine-building plant was founded in 1932. Nowadays our company is one of the leading Russian plants in the field of special purpose vehicle manufacturing.

We use best industry practices and cutting-edge technological solutions to create modern design and ensure quality, reliability, efficiency and operational safety of our vehicles.
Our skilled team and in-house test centre allow designing and manufacturing of unique products customized to meet specific requirements of our customers.
Our specialists receive training and upgrade their skills in specialized enterprises in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA.
We constantly develop new projects and master the manufacturing of technology intensive products and mechanisms that meet all European quality standards.
The production and intellectual capabilities of our company do not keep us satisfied with our achievements and inspire us to keep up with the times and develop even the most audacious projects.
Our partners and customers from all over the world choose quality, reliability and efficiency by many years of our collaborative work.