Oilfield service equipment

Multilift BCM-90 + BCM-91 Multilift BCM-90 + BCM-91
Semi-trailer for BCM-104 Semi-trailer for BCM-104
BCM-137 BCM-137
BCM-125 dump truck for proppant transportation BCM-125 dump truck for proppant transportation
"Becema" machine-building plant is a manufacturer of oilfield service equipment for storage and usage of petroleum products.

"Becema" oilfield service equipment means:
  • more than 85 years of experience, engineering and manufacturing in machine industry;
  • complete production cycle from design and software development to maintenance of special vehicles;
  • cutting-edge equipment, field tests and test-drives;
  • adaptation for operation in harsh weather conditions in temperature range of -40 to +50˚С;
  • accreditation center and unique quality management system;
  • efficient system of supplies and logistics for customers from any region of RF.
You can purchase "Becema" oilfield service equipment in basic configuration or customize the vehicles with optional equipment to adapt it to specific operating conditions.

The product range includes "Becema" oilfield service equipment on truck and semi-trailer chassis: portable cement storage on BCM-137 semi-trailer, mulitlift for vertical storage vessels Becema BCM-90 + BCM-91, fracturing gel tank Becema BCM-104, dump truck for proppant transportation BCM-125. Also design and manufacturing of special purpose vehicles with specified parameters and features according to the customer's requirements is available.

"Becema" oilfield service equipment is equal in quality and functionality to their foreign counterparts. This is a profitable investment for your business development, work efforts reduction and durability.