Water trucks

"Becema" machine-building plant engineers and produces tank trucks for transportation and temporary storage of water. Two models of water trucks are available for sale: BCM-71 and BCM-71.1 with capacity of 15 000 and 16 000 L. The technological equipment is mounted on cross-country chassis MAZ-630365. BCM water trucks are used to deliver fresh potable water to disaster zones, farms, distant construction sites and regions with scarce water supply.

BCM-71 water truck BCM-71 water truck
BCM-71.1 water truck BCM-71.1 water truck
BCM-238 water truck BCM-238 water truck

BCM water trucks: design features

Water trucks are manufactured with special requirements for material safety and corrosion resistance. Elliptical-shaped tank is manufactured of 09G2S steel. Tank wall thickness is 5 mm. The inner coating prevents metal contact and keeps the sensory properties of water unaffected. The thickness of the exterior paint coating is minimum 60 microns. According to the customer's requirements, BCM water tanks can be customized for use in harsh weather conditions, freeze protection of piping and pumping unit is available.

Loading/unloading equipment

  • Loading: the tank is either top-filled or bottom-filled with a pump.
  • Unloading: by gravity/by truck pump
During purchase of water truck you can also have independent pumping unit driven by IC engine installed.

Water truck is stocked with:

  • pumping unit;
  • pipelines;
  • hose and reel;
  • operator's service platform;
  • electrical equipment.
Water tanks are available in one-compartment design and equipped with baffles to reduce the liquid slosh effect. This special-purpose equipment is designed to be application-specific. Multi-compartment thermal insulated tanker trucks for transportation of liquid foodstuff (max density 1,03 g/cc) are available for purchase.

BCM water trucks benefits:

all vehicles are tested at in-house "Becema" test center;
  • the water truck can be equipped with optional equipment to make it more application-specific (water delivery for individual consumers, supplies for farm enterprises, etc.);
  • the vehicles do not require complex technical equipment, and spare parts are always available, which eliminates trucks downtime;
  • tanker truck can be painted with polyurethane acrylic enamel of any color and heat-dried in CWN (the Netherlands) drying chambers.

Related services

As tanker truck sales is one of the principal focus areas of "Becema" machine-building plant, we offer a wide range of supplementary services to our customers:
  • water truck customization according to the customer's requirements
  • technical support service for customers;
  • warranty service and post-warranty maintenance.
If the tanker truck requires maintenance service, you can download a request form for Service and warranty department on our website.

Buy tanker truck

In order to receive more detailed information on BCM tanker truck specifications and place an order, call: +7(495) 777-02-27.