Tank trailers

"Becema" machine-building plant produces BCM 230 and BCM 83.6 tank trailers for transportation of Class 3 flammable liquids (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene). Both tank options are made of low-alloy steel 09Г2С. Two axle BCM 230 trailers are designed to haul 15 m3 of light petroleum product; the capacity of BCM 83.6 tank trailer is 20 m3. The tank cross-section of the tank trailers is also different: the first model has elliptical cross-section, and the second one has flat-sided oval cross-section. 
To order tank trailers manufactured by "Becema" plant, call: +7(495) 988-04-42.
BCM-230 fuel tank trailer, 09G2S steel BCM-230 fuel tank trailer, 09G2S steel
BCM-83.6 fuel tank trailer, 09G2S steel BCM-83.6 fuel tank trailer, 09G2S steel

BCM tank trailers: design features

All trailers meet safety standards set for petroleum transportation vehicles:
  • European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR);
  • State Standard GOST R 50913-96.
The trailers can be used with chassis of all Russian and foreign brands. To increase durability and extend the life of the vehicles, torispherical tank heads that function as baffles are used. 
The patented cabinet design features up-raised doors that provide quick access to loading/unloading equipment.
Additionally the trailers can be equipped with fuel vapor recovery systems, pumping units and fuel dispensing units for cars.