Dump trailers and semi-trailers

"Becema" machine-building plant is a leading Russian manufacturer of dump trailers and semi-trailers designed for bulk handling of gravel, sand, soil, crushed stone and other inert bulk materials. All offered towed vehicles with load capacity of 21 to 33 tonnes are engineered with regard to actual requirements of domestic enterprises and are optimized for  daily heavy-duty service under full load.


Самосвальный прицеп БЦМ-58.2 BCM-58.2 dump trailer
Самосвальный прицеп БЦМ-58.1 BCM-58.1 dump trailer
Самосвальный полуприцеп БЦМ-123 BCM-123 dump semi-trailer
Самосвальный полуприцеп БЦМ-123Ф BCM-123F dump semi-trailer
BCM-58.1 dump trailer BCM-58.1 dump trailer
Самосвальный полуприцеп БЦМ-MENCI BCM-MENCI dump semi-trailer

Dump trailers for trucks

Dump trailer is an unpowered vehicle used for the transport of goods and materials as a part of road trains. It is connected to a dump truck or tractor unit with a tow hitch. Unlike a semi-trailer, the load is distributed only over the frame of the dump trailer during cargo transportation.

Trailers for BCM trucks are manufactured of 09G2S low-alloy steel with high notch toughness and hardness. End dump body with fixed sideboards is reinforced along its full length to increase deformation resistance. Tailgate is equipped with automatic locking/unlocking mechanism. Dump trailer is equipped with movable tarp. Thermal isolation of dump body is not provided; floor pan, sideboards and front wall are heated with exhaust gas heating system. 

Due to low position of trailer hitch which allows dumping without trailer decoupling, BCM trailers can be hooked up to end dump trucks as well as to side-dump trucks.

We produce following models of dump trailers:

  • BCM-130 with dump body capacity of 26 m3, load capacity of 27 t, triple axle air spring suspension (BPW axles)
  • BCM-58.1 with dump body capacity of 16 m3, load capacity of 30 t, triple axle equalizing spring suspension 
Each BCM dump trailer is equipped with Italian four-cylinder hydraulic cylinder with lower mount Binotto MFC-145-4-4100 that allows for dumping angle of 47-51 degree. Hydraulic cylinder is protected from accidental damage with a special protector.

Dump semi-trailers

Dump semi-trailer is a cargo vehicle designed for bulk haulage of inert bulk materials. This is an unpowered vehicle and it must be coupled with a 6х2, 4х2 or 6х4 tractor unit to operate. When carrying cargo, load weight is distributed between the fifth wheel of the tractor unit and the rear bogie of the dump semi-trailer.

The manufacture of dump semi-trailers for bulk dry cargo is the main line of production of "Becema" machine-building plant. The company has a long history of successful manufacturing of towed vehicles for domestic enterprises, and it makes use of its proprietary engineering solutions for increasing impact and frictional damage resistance of the dump body. All BCM dump semi-trailers provide high load-carrying capacity and best payload/unladen weight ratio. 

We produce two models of dump semi-trailers:

  • BCM-123 with a capacity of 32 tonnes has all-steel welded frame made of 09G2S low-alloy steel, and consists of two longitudinal rails connected with beams and transverse members.
  • BCM-MENCI has a load capacity of 33.3 tonnes and dump body capacity of 24 m3.
The dump body is made of aluminium alloy, the welded frame is made of rolled sections, the sideboards are combined. All BCM dump semi-trailers have triple axle air spring suspension SAF (Germany) and are equipped with 5-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder Binotto MFC-HP, that provides dumping angle of 47-51 degree. The welded body design allows end dumping. The sideboards and front wall are fixed and reinforced with stiffening ribs. Dump semi-trailer is equipped with movable tarp. The body w/o thermal isolation is mounted on the frame and equipped with locking mechanism in load carrying position. Two-hinged tailgate is configured to swing up on top hinges, the lock is mechanically operated. Each BCN dump semi-trailer is equipped with a front axle lift limiter. King pin and landing gear are made in Germany (JOST).

Dump semi-trailers are equipped with 6 operating wheels and one spare wheel. Body and frame are painted with fast polyurethane acrylic enamel and heat-dried in CWN (the Netherlands) drying chambers.

Dump trailers and semi-trailers from manufacturer

All "Becema" dump trailers and semi-trailers are characterized by reinforced stiffness of the structure that provides high deformation and wear resistance of the vehicles. Operating safety, reliability, convenience and modern design are key features of our dump semi-trailers and other special purpose vehicles.

BCM towed vehicles are very popular with the companies that require haulage of large quantities of inert materials. "Becema" dump trailers and semi-trailers successfully operate in harsh weather conditions, including northern regions of Russia.

Besides manufacturing and selling of dump semi-trailers, "Becema" provides warranty service and post-warranty maintenance of all BCM towed vehicles. You can leave an application for Service and warranty department on our website.

Our own R&D and manufacturing facilities allow for flexible customization of towed vehicles design and configuration according to individual requirements of our customers. The plant's wide network of dealerships allows for immediate maintenance services in all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. 

To ask any question, receive more detailed information on purchase of special-purpose vehicles and order a dump trailer or semi-trailer, call: +7 (495) 777-02-27.