"Becema" machine-building plant offers dump trucks mounted on Mercedes-Benz chassis with dump body capacity of 14, 16, 18 and 20 m3. The dump body for transportation of inert materials is made of 09G2S high-strength low-alloy steel. The dump body is additionally reinforced with stiffening ribs. All BCM dump trucks on Mercedes chassis are equipped with reliable Italian Binotto hydraulic equipment, that showed an excellent performance in difficult operating conditions. As basic configuration does not include thermal isolation, to avoid cargo freezing and sticking to the floor pan, Mercedes-Benz dump trucks are equipped with exhaust gas heating system. 
BCM-126.1N dump truck for inert materials BCM-126.1N dump truck for inert materials
BCM-126.N dump truck for inert materials BCM-126.N dump truck for inert materials

Mercedes-Benz dump trucks for sale

Our plane provides special purpose vehicles to major companies in oil-and-gas and construction industries. Mercedes dump trucks with "Becema" truck superstructures successfully operate in northern regions of Russia and on heavy roads in cross-country conditions. Dump body customization according to the customer's specific requirements is possible.

Basic configuration of Mercedes-Benz dump trucks includes:

  • exhaust gas body heating system through mechanically operated exhaust system three-position valve;
  • steel rear wings;
  • tail light guards;
  • wheel сhocks;
  • movable tarpaulins.
Quality management system of the plant is certified in compliance with State Standard GOST R ISO 9001 and international TUV standard. The majority of key features of Mercedes-Benz dump trucks are equal in quality compared to their foreign counterparts and even surpass them at some points.

Together with Mercedes-Benz dump trucks sales we offer immediate warranty maintenance and assistance in solving the majority of problems you can face during vehicle operation.

In order to receive more detailed information on equipment specifications and purchase a Mercedes dump truck, call: +7(495) 988-04-42.