"Becema" machine-building plant offers dump trucks on 6х4 Renault chassis. The dump body is made of 09G2S low-alloy steel and equipped with Binotto (Italy) hydraulic equipment. Dump bodies are reinforced with stiffening ribs and equipped with cab protector to avoid contact with bulk cargo materials.
BCM-128N dump truck for inert materials on RENAULT Kerax 6x4 chassis BCM-128N dump truck for inert materials on RENAULT Kerax 6x4 chassis

Buy Renault dump truck

Due to raised ground clearance of Renault Kerax chassis dump trucks show excellent performance in off-road conditions. Reinforced frame rails make the truck durable enough for continuous heavy-duty service under full load.  Body of Renault chassis dump truck can be locked in load carrying position for transportation safety. We equip Renault dump trucks with bodies with capacity of 14m3. Cargo is dumped through the end gate. Dump angle is 48 – 50 degrees.

All Renault dump trucks are stocked with:

  • steel rear wings;
  • underrun bar;
  • movable tarpaulin.
We manufacture dump trucks on Renault chassis with dump bodies w/o thermal isolation. To avoid cargo freezing and sticking, floor pan and sideboards are heated with exhaust gas  through three-position valve. The vehicles with Becema dump bodies  successfully operate in northern regions of Russia.

In order to receive more detailed information on Renault dump trucks specifications and place an order, call: +7(495) 777-02-27.