"Becema" machine-building plant offers dump trucks mounted on Scania chassis with dump body capacity of 11 and 16 m3. The dump body is adapted to severe operating conditions - floor pan is made of European Hardox steel, sideboards are manufactured of Weldox or 09G2S steel. We equip our Scania dump trucks with reliable Italian Binotto hydraulic equipment, dump angle during end gate discharge is 47-50 degrees.
BCM-56 dump truck for inert materials on RENAULT P380 CB 6x4 EHZ chassis BCM-56 dump truck for inert materials on RENAULT P380 CB 6x4 EHZ chassis

Buy Scania dump truck

Scania dump truck is perfectly adapted to the needs of construction, extractive and oil-and-gas industry companies. The chassis demonstrate excellent performance in off-road conditions and the cabins pass crash-tests to confirm their compliance with the strictest world safety standards. We manufacture dump trucks on Scania chassis designed for medium-haul of dry bulk construction and industrial cargos. The vehicles are used in northern regions of Russia and have demonstrated an excellent performance during heavy-duty service under full load.

The basic configuration of Scania dump trucks includes: 

  • Cab protector over the hydraulic cylinder;
  • Spare wheel carrier with hoisting mechanism;
  • movable tarpaulin.
To avoid deformation the dump body is reinforced with full-length stiffening ribs. Scania dump trucks with Becema bodies are equipped with exhaust gas floor pan heating system through mechanically operated exhaust system three-position valve. Thermal isolation of dump body is not available.

Together with Scania dump trucks supplies we provide our customers with full range of necessary warranty services and post-warranty maintenance. You can fill an order form for Service and warranty department on our website.

In order to receive more detailed information on equipment specifications and buy a Scania dump truck, call: +7(495) 777-02-27.