Dump trucks

"Becema" machine-building plant offers dump trucks built on Ford, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Volvo and other chassis with model range adapted for use in Russian environment. Dump bodies are manufactured and mounted directly on our plant, that is why dump trucks for transportation of inert materials are sold at a reduced price. Our model range includes vehicles for mounting of multipurpose road maintenance equipment, with three way dumping mechanism, floor pan and sideboards heating system. All models are equipped with Binotto (Italy) hydraulic equipment. 
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Самосвал SHACMAN 6х4 с самосвальной надстройкой БЕЦЕМА ФОРМАТ BCM-124 dump truck for inert materials on IVECO TRAKKER 6x4 chassis
Самосвал SHACMAN 8х4 с самосвальной надстройкой БЕЦЕМА ФОРМАТ BCM-124 dump truck for inert materials on IVECO TRAKKER 6x4 chassis
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New BCM dump trucks

Becema dump trucks have demonstrated outstanding performance during transportation and dumping of dry bulk materials in open-pit mines, on construction sites and agricultural enterprises. The dump body is made of 09G2S low-alloy steel and reinforced with ribs. BCN dump trucks can be equipped with custom-made dump bodies with floor pans and corners made of Hardox 400 steel with thickness of 10 mm. Weldox or 09Г2С steel is used for side boards.

Design features:

  • automatic control of raising/lowering of dump bed;
  • high lateral stability of dump trucks;
  • dump body is locked in load carrying position;
  • dump body can be fixed in any in-between position during raising and lowering;
  • special device to prevent dump truck tipping-over while dumping;
  • the dump body is equipped with cab protector to keep bulk materials from getting into the cabin.
The majority of features of Becema vehicles are equal in quality to those of European dump trucks. Quality management system of the plant is certified in compliance with State Standard GOST R ISO 9001 and international TUV standard. All dump trucks undergo in-plant testing before availability to the market in order to almost completely avoid defective products.

You can use our live chat support or consult with a specialist in our office in Krasnogorsk to select and buy a new dump truck with optimal technical parameters.

Sales of dump trucks in Moscow and throughout the country

Our customers can purchase a dump truck in Moscow and in other territories of Russia. The global reach of our supplies and favorable terms of dump trucks sales are not the only advantages of our production plant. We provide immediate warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all purchased vehicles. To order dump trucks manufactured by "Becema" plant, call: +7(495) 777-02-27.