Flour and feed stuff trucks

"Becema" machine-building plant specializes in manufacturing of tank semi-trailers, including grain semi-trailers for agricultural enterprises and bread factories. We offer vehicles with load capacity of 6000, 20 500, 25 000 and 26 000 kg. Flour and feed stuff tanks are produced from safe AMG-5 aluminium alloy or 09G2S low-alloy steel. The semi-trailers can be used with any tractor units of Russian and foreign brands.


Полуприцеп-цистерна для муки, зерна, комбикормов БЦМ-150.1 BCM-150.1 tank semi-trailer for flour, grain, feed stuff
Полуприцеп-цистерна для муки, зерна, комбикормов БЦМ-150.2 BCM-150.2 tank semi-trailer for flour, grain, feed stuff
Полуприцеп-цистерна для муки, зерна, комбикормов ТЦ-21.2 TC-21.2 tank semi-trailer for flour, grain, feed stuff
Полуприцеп-цистерна ТЦ-21.6 (муковоз, зерновоз, комбикормовоз) TC-21.6 tank semi-trailer for flour, grain, feed stuff

Design features of Becema flour semi-trailers:

Becema semi-trailer for transportation of flour and feed stuff is manufactured of reliable units of foreign production. We use landing gear with load capacity of 24 t and with JOST one-sided manual actuator, SAF or BPW axles, dual channel antilock brake systems ABS WABCO or KNORR BREMS. Excellent performance parameters of the semi-trailers are achieved due to implementation of cutting-edge technologies and the company's proprietary engineering solutions, covered by patents.

We guarantee reliability of all semi-trailer model range:

  • quality management system of the plant is certified in compliance with State Standard GOST R ISO 9001 and international TUV standard;
  • flour and feed stuff tanker trucks are painted with polyurethane acrylic enamel and heat-dried in CWN (the Netherlands) drying chambers.
  • all vehicles are tested at in-house "Becema" test center before shipping.
Our customers will not face any problems during vehicle operation. Besides feed stuff trucks sales we provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of semi-trailers.

Feed stuff trucks

Feed stuff truck can be used for transportation of any dry bulk food products as well as for feed stuff. A single model of special purpose vehicles can save the trouble of buying separate trailers for hauling of flour, bran or sugar. Flour trucks allow to give up cargo packaging and reduce work efforts through switching to bulk transportation.

Flour truck loading/unloading

Flour or other dry bulk food products are loaded by gravity to the flour truck through the filling holes with hoses or pipelines. For the operator's convenience trucks are equipped with ladders leading to filling holes. According to the customer's requirements flour truck tank can be divided into 4 compartments in order to avoid material mixing during transportation. The material is unloaded through the cones at the rear of the tank by compressor unit. Flour truck unloading losses are almost completely eliminated.

Flour semi-trailers for sale

By purchasing Becema flou semi-trailer or feed stuff truck, you receive reliable equipment at favorable price. Reduced transportation efforts for hauling dry bulk food products will quickly pay off the cost of the semi-trailer. In order to receive more detailed information on equipment specifications and buy "Becema" feed stuff truck or other specialized trailers and semi-trailers, call: +7(495) 777-02-27.