Street sweeper truck

Подметально-уборочная машина БЦМ-279 BCM-279 sweeper truck
Компактная подметально-вакуумная машина БЦМ 450 BCM-450 compact sweeper truck
"Becema" machine-building plant engineers and produces special purpose vehicles on KAMAZ chassis for road sweeping and cleaning. "Becema" street sweeper trucks are widely used in public road system for sweeping of roads, sidewalks, driveways as well as haul roads and municipal social facilities.

Customized "Becema" street sweeper truck means:
  • effective road sweeping in confined contidions of narrow streets of the cities.
  • cutting-edge technologies and the company's patented engineering solutions;
  • high efficiency of mechanical cleaning services;
  • capacious debris hopper of 5,8 m3, total capacity of water tanks 1600 L, sweeping width up to 3,5 m.
  • easy and convenient maintenance and outstanding reliability;
  • compliance with EEU regulations;
We have efficient system of supplies and logistics, and as a result "Becema" street sweeper trucks are available for customers from any region of Russia. By choosing our road construction machinery you rely on a domestic manufacturer with European quality of production.

"Becema" street sweeper truck is guaranteed reliability, safe operations and your profitable investment in clean and tidy roads!