A set of vehicles for high-speed continuous paving

"Becema" machine-building plant engineers and produces vehicles for high-speed continuous paving. Windrow elevator provides continuous non-stop paving, as there is no need to stop and load the paver's hopper. As a result, the paving speed and the surface quality increase.

Самосвальный п/прицеп с донной разгрузкой БЦМ-262 BCM-272 towed windrow formation machine
Перегружатель  асфальтобетонной смеси БЦМ-261 Windrow elevator
Прицепной формирователь валка БЦМ-272 BCM-272 towed windrow formation machine

"Becema" windrow elevator means:

  • a non-self-propelled vehicle, equipped with a stand alone diesel engine that powers all operating elements of the vehicle: auger and drag conveyor;
  • highly effective elimination of HMA temperature and particle segregation problems;
  • 100% protection of the finished mat smoothness, because dump trucks do not come into contact with the paver.
  • high capacity of 720 t/h and high performance stand alone diesel engine of 120-140 horse powers.

Operating principle of a windrow elevator

The paver moves forward pushing the windrow elevator in front of it, and the windrow elevator picks up HMA placed in a windrow with its augers and transfers it to drag conveyor. The drag conveyor delivers HMA to the paver's hopper. As the windrow is formed beforehand, the paver operates continuously, without stopping between loading of mix to the hopper.

"Becema" plant production meets the highest international standards thanks to quality management system implemented at the plant. All vehicles are tested at in-house "Becema" test center before shipping. By buying "Becema" windrow elevator you purchase reliable and durable equipment. Both basic configuration of vehicles and custom-designed machinery with optional equipment are available, according to the customer's requirements.