BCM-24.3 set of equipment for spray-injection pothole patching


Product description

The set of equipment for spray-injection pothole patching. Used for patching cracks and potholes. Does not require preliminary pavement preparation, the works can be carried out in harsh weather conditions.The bitumen emulsion is delivered by means of positive pressure in the tank produced by the diesel-driven air compressor. The aggregate is delivered with a blower driven off the MMZ liquid cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine. Emulsion tank is equipped with a large loading hatch for easy and quick material loading. The hopper is designed to process 15 tonnes of aggregate, which is enough for carrying out pothole patching works throughout a working day. Spray system is flushed and cleaned with diesel fuel with further recycling of contaminated fluids. The temperature of emulsion is maintained with a thermostatically controlled 220-V heater, which can be connected to any 12,5A electric power supply. Therefore, the works can be started immediately without pre-heating of emulsion. BCM-24.3 material delivery system can work with 5-8 mm aggregate and a thin layer of emulsion for patching potholes and cracks, and with 8-13 mm aggregate for repair of broader distressed areas and deeper layers of pavement. Tailgate aggregate feed system is compatible with almost every dump truck. The receiving hopper is equipped with a gate valve for quick stop of material delivery.

The convenient position of control and measuring devices. The receiver with a pressure control valve maintains working pressure in the emulsion tank. The articulated three-section boom with a reach of 5 m. allows to carry out pothole patching over a large area with no time wasted on relocation of the equipment. The articulated suspension makes it easier to control the boom, and the operator works outside the spray area. The operator controls patching process with a control handle and an emulsion delivery cock. 

The control handle is also used to operate the reducing valve, aggregate delivery, hose and nozzle flushing. The spray system is operationally reliable, provides even spraying, requires little if any maintenance service and no replaceable filling and sealing details. The vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary nozzle for small-scaled patching of narrow cracks with emulsion without aggregate.


Framewelded, made of structural steel
Suspensionspring, spring load is 1 355 kg
Brakesdrum, all-wheel, with air/hydraulic drive
Parking-brakemechanical , on the rear axle
Tirestubeless, 225/75R16
Wheelsdisk, 165J х 406 rim
Towing devicetowing eye, 1 GOST 2349-75

Vehicle dimensions, mm:

- length4 670
- width2 500
- height2 130