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Process and manufacturing engineering

High-precision plasma cutting machine «MESSER» (Germany)

Designed for sheet metal cutting with the sheet width of 2m and length up to 12 m. Maximum material thickness for oxyfuel cutting is 70 mm.

CNC-controlled press brake «BEYELER»
Bending length - 3100 mm
Maximum bending force - 200 t.s.
Automatic back gauge
Crowning system

LVD CNC-controlled hydraulic guillotine shears
Maximum shearing capacity - 13 mm
Cutting length - 3100 mm
Touch screen for cutting parameters control

HOLCROFT gas furnaces
Used for heat treatment of component parts.

BOLDRINI flanging machine
Used for manufacturing of dished and flanged ends by cold forming (flanging) with further flanging by rolling tools made of carbon (St3sp), low-alloy (St20, 09G2S) and high-alloy steel.

FRONIUS beam auto-welding line
Used for welding of I-beams: flange width is 150 mm, length is up to 11 m
The beams are welded with two blowpipes with configuration tracking.

Tank turners
Deliver rotation of vessels with length of up to 12 m for convenient welding positioning.

Automatic welding machine PEMA (Finland) with ESAB equipment
Plasma arc welding is used for one-pass welding of up to 66 mm thick sheets of constructional steel and up to 8 mm thick aluminium sheets without edge preparation.

Gantries for welding equipment ESAB (Sweden)
Used for flux welding of circular and longitudinal seams

EWM (Germany) equipment

Used for semi-automatic welding of vessels

Dump body turners

Used for positioning of truck beds for convenient welding.

Used to produce dished heads

FACCIN bending machine
Used for sheet steel rolling 

MUNKEBO shot blasting chamber
- dimensions - 16х6х6 m;
- operators: 2 people;
- abrasive media type: steel grit;
- the system of retrieval and transport of abrasive media;
-grit collecting system: scraper floor;
- ventilation system with air filter unit.
Used for preparation of a surface for further painting, removing rust from rolled and structural steel and surface cleaning before welding assemblies from alloy steel.

Spray paint booths
The vehicles are painted with Oil-gasoline-resistant polyurethane acrylic enamel and heat-dried in CWN (the Netherlands) drying chambers.
Booth dimensions are 6х18х6 m.
Both sides of the booth are equipped with raising platforms for the painter's convenience of  work on different levels.