"Becema" machine-building plant designs and produces bucket elevators for vertical transportation of bulk materials - cement, sand, coal, peat and others to the height of 10 to 32 meters. The equipment design takes into account the operation conditions for every specific place (abrasive environment, high load, temperature conditions) which allows to reduce the risk of potential damage considerably.
SMC-130B bucket elevator SMC-130B bucket elevator

Design features of "Becema"elevators:

  • High capacity of up to 550 m3/h, which by far exceeds the parameters of most of the equipment on the market.
  • Features an interlocking system and an auxiliary drive for maximum safety of operation and maintenance
  • The elevators are used in production of constructional materials, in chemical and iron and steel industries.
  • Significant performance period is achieved by:
- high-quality alloyed steels;
- up-to-date technologies of equipment manufacturing and assembly including component heat treatment as a finishing;
- reliable compression connections of plates and bushes that provide tightness along integral surface of the coupling;
- unique patented easily detachable connecting piece.

The elevator manufacturer implemented a modern quality management system certified in compliance with State Standard GOST R ISO 9001 and international TUV standard. Manufacturing defects are eliminated due to multistage quality control on each production stage. Every customer may count on immediate warranty and post-warranty maintenance in case of elevator malfunctioning, and may receive detailed consultations from "Becema" specialists. By purchasing "Becema" elevator you choose high quality and reliability of the equipment!