Apron conveyors

Apron conveyors are used for transportation of single items and dry bulk materials in mining, iron and steel, machine-building and other industries. Steel slat chains are more resistant to heavy loads and abrasive materials that polyurethane conveyor belts. The apron plate operates using the carrier chain which allows to design conveyors of complicated shapes and transport heavy materials such as agglomerates, raw materials, shells.

SMC-611B.1 standardized stationary apron conveyor SMC-611B.1 standardized stationary apron conveyor
SMC-611B standardized stationary apron conveyor SMC-611B standardized stationary apron conveyor

Manufacturing of apron conveyors

"Becema" machine-building plant designs and manufactures apron conveyors according to customer's specific requirements. We offer equipment with specifications adapted to need of each specific business.

Apron conveyor: Tech specs

  • Capacity, t/h - 20-650
  • Apron width, mm - 400-1200
  • Transportation height, mm - 0-40
  • Inclination, degree - 0-45
  • Bulk density, t/m3 - 0,5-2
  • Drive output, kW - 3-55
Quality management system of Becema plant is certified in compliance with State Standard GOST R ISO 9001 and international TUV standard. Each apron conveyor undergoes in-plant testing before shipping to the customer. You can employ our equipment assembling, starting-up and adjustment services.

In order to receive a professional consultation and buy an apron conveyor, call: +7(495) 988-04-42.