Flight conveyors

Flight conveyors are designed to transport and distribute dry bulk materials to silos. The conveyors manufactured in "Becema" machine-building plant have demonstrated excellent and reliable performance.

SMC-319A flight conveyor SMC-319A flight conveyor

SMC-319A flight conveyor

The main task of this type of conveyor is horizontal transportation of dry bulk materials. Maximum temperature of transported cargo should not exceed 150°С. The conveyor length varies between 10 to 70 m. The width of working surface of flight is 550 mm. Inclination can be adjusted from 0 to 20 degrees. The average speed is 0,3 m/s. The model capacity is 55 kW.

SMC-127B flight conveyor

SMC-127B flight conveyor slightly differs from SMC-319А in some technical parameters. Speed, width, capacity and maximum inclination remained the same. The temperature limit of transported cargo increased up to 250°С. The conveyor length varies between 10 to 80 m depending on the operating conditions.

"Becema" conveyors benefits

Flight conveyors are low-maintenance. They do not require extra maintenance services when properly used. The key feature of flight conveyors is their reliability in any acceptable operating conditions. 
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