"Becema" machine-building plant manufactures flight and apron conveyors for transportation of dry bulk, lump scraps and single-piece cargo in extractive, chemical, machine-building and other industries. Not only we perform the whole range of designing and manufacturing works, but also we provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of technological equipment. "Becema" conveyor is a reliable link in process flows of any enterprise.
SMC-611B.1 standardized stationary apron conveyor SMC-611B.1 standardized stationary apron conveyor
SMC-611B standardized stationary apron conveyor SMC-611B standardized stationary apron conveyor
SMC-319A flight conveyor SMC-319A flight conveyor

Manufacturing of conveyors

As leading manufacturers of conveyors for production plants in the Russian market, we offer a wide range of equipment with specifications adapted to needs of various industries.
  • Flight conveyors are designed to horizontal, tilted or tilted-horizontal transportation and distribution of dry bulk materials to silos. We offer equipment with bulk density of 0,62 t/m3, length of 10-70 m, total capacity of 5,5 - 55 kW. Flight conveyor with carrying chain is used at food factories and non-food plants, when other types of transportation are unreasonable and ineffective.
  • An apron conveyor is used to transport rocks, heavy and sharp cargo. We offer equipment with apron width of 400 – 1200 mm, length of 15-110 m, bulk density of 0,5 - 1,6 t/m3, total capacity of 3 - 55 kW. "Becema" apron conveyors with carrying chain are used in mining, iron and steel and machine-building industries.
  • Apron conveyor for brick-making plants is used for transportation of shaped but still raw bricks. Steel conveyor apron is resistant to moisture, abrasive particles and heavy loads. The equipment capacity is 100 t/h, carrier speed is 0,25 m/s, apron width is 800 mm. The conveyor has total capacity of5,5 kW.
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