Pneumatic conveyors of cement and dry bulk materials

"Becema" machine-building plant engineers and produces pneumatic conveyors for automation of loading/unloading and store handling of dry bulk materials. The equipment allows to create complex, production-specific paths of air slides. Pneumatic conveyor systems ensure meeting sanitary and hygienic requirements for working with dusty materials and provide delivery from hard-to-reach areas.
Желоб пневмотранспортный СМЦ-25 SMC-25 air slide

Manufacturing of pneumatic conveyors for dry bulk materials

SMC pneumatic conveyors are successfully used in production of cement, gypsum, lime, alumina and other bulk materials. Electrically driven air compressors with engine capacity of 7,5 to 11 kW are used depending on the system performance and conveying distance. Air slide length varies from 4 to 50 m. We design equipment for creating lengthy paths of complex configuration.

"Becema" pneumatic conveyors are used in various industries:
  • for automation of loading/unloading;
  • for increasing performance of transportation systems;
  • for reducing energy and metal consumption of transportation systems.
Pneumatic conveyors of cement deteriorate quickly due to continuous contact with abrasive materials. "Becema" engineering solutions allowed to make conveyors more abrasion-resistant. We manufacture heavy-duty pneumatic conveyors that require little if any maintenance.

Pneumatic conveyors of SMC family

We have improved some key parameters of pneumatic conveyor systems:
  • the dimensions of air slides can be adapted for the equipment installed at the plant;
  • the design of pneumatic conveyor systems does not cause any difficulties during repair and maintenance;
  • the capacity of a pneumatic conveyor may vary between 44 to 600 t/h depending on the model.
The air slides are abrasion-resistant and are successfully used in pneumatic conveyor systems for conveying cement, sand, lime, mineral fertilizers and other bulk materials. All equipment is tested at in-house "Becema" test center. In-house engineering solutions combined with strict quality control lead to manufacturing of pneumatic conveyor systems equal in quality to their foreign counterparts.

Buy a pneumatic conveyor system

"Becema" machine-building plant engineers and produces pneumatic conveyors and provides maintenance services of all purchased equipment.
In order to receive more detailed information on equipment specifications and buy a pneumatic conveyor for bulk materials, call: +7(495) 777-02-27.