Leaf chains are widely used in industrial settings for transportation of dry bulk, lump scraps and single-piece cargo. "Becema" machine-building plant offers metal conveyor chains designed fro complicated production lines. Chains are made of carbon or low-alloy steel. Unlike their plastic equivalents, metal leaf chains are more resistant to high-temperature exposure and aggressive materials, which is an important advantage for brick-making plants, bread machines, industrial conveyors and belt conveyors.
Chain М-315-1-121-1.1-2-4 Chain М-315-1-121-1.1-2-4
Chain М-140-3-136-1.1-1-1 Chain М-140-3-136-1.1-1-1
Chain М-450-1-152-1.1-2-2 Chain М-450-1-152-1.1-2-2
Chain М-900-1-178-1.2-2-2 Chain М-900-1-178-1.2-2-2
Chain М-900-1-178-1.3-2-2 Chain М-900-1-178-1.3-2-2
Chain М-900-2-178-1.4-2-2 Chain М-900-2-178-1.4-2-2
Chain М-1000-2-250-1.5-2-2 Chain М-1000-2-250-1.5-2-2
Chain М-900-2-315-1.1-2-1 Chain М-900-2-315-1.1-2-1
Chain М-900-2-315-1.5-2-1 Chain М-900-2-315-1.5-2-1